February 10, 2015

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression

The process of becoming a parent is one that is full of joy and excitement, but also a process that can be potentially overwhelming and stressful. Particularly for women, this period of adjustment represents significant physiological changes and a transition that can deeply impact personal identity and social relationships. It is not uncommon for women to experience depressive...
February 10, 2015

Lost Words

One of my least favourite experiences as a teacher is standing in front of a group of people, ready to express a deep and doubtlessly life-changing thought to a kind and receptive group of people, and not being able to think of the word I need. There is a word – I know that because I’ve been using it for years – and it has apparently evaporated from my mind. It is gone, possibly forever, but likely only until later in the week...
October 28, 2014

Boundaries & Pastoral Care

Burnaby Counselling Group would like to welcome you to our 2nd pastoral open house. We're excited to have Dr. Joshua Kruse, Registered Psychologist ....
August 21, 2014

Mental Health Community Events Highlight

Thursday Aug 21-Friday Aug 22: UBC Faculty of Education & Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre are hosting a 2-day workshop.