A Workshop for Women on Aging, Disappointment, and Hope
by Denise Caldwell

Are you a mature woman who has experienced much in life, including difficulty and disappointments, and wonders how to find meaning in the midst of it? Denise will be addressing this issue and facilitating times of individual, personal reflection. With her signature humour and warmth, she will share some insights while provoking a different, and hopefully helpful, way of approaching this experience of disappointment.
“I have come to believe that as we age, there can be seasons of disappointment which can catch us by surprise, and that within these often dismaying experiences, there exists a gift. This understanding comes from many years of listening to the stories of women’s lives, and from my own personal awareness of what it is like to be getting older. I have come to understand that there are possibilities for hope, growth, and even comfort, in very unexpected places. Join us as we consider together this particular aspect of aging, and remember together where our hope lies.”  – Denise Caldwell
For I will give you the treasures of darkness, and the riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the
Lord your God, who calls you by name.   Isaiah 45:3
PSO_1664_0Denise Caldwell has been counselling at the Burnaby Counselling Group since 1984. She works with individuals of diverse backgrounds, facilitating greater insight and understanding about the place to which their lives have led them. Denise is also gifted in working with clients to develop greater perspective as they encounter challenges and barriers in their faith.
Key areas of work:
•  Women’s Issues
•  Depression
•  Anxiety
•  Mid-life Issues
•  Aging
•  Grief & Loss
•  Spiritual Development & Formation
•  Compassion Fatigue & Burn-Out
Denise is also a well-known speaker and group facilitator, who is able to provide insight in a way that both challenges and entertains. Her witty, compelling speaking style about human relationships and spirituality is sought after by churches, women’s groups and national organizations.


The workshop fee of $95 includes a light lunch. Limited enrollment. Don’t be disappointed. Register today.

Please note: This event is sold out. However, we invite you to add your name to the waitlist. Should a spot open up, you will be notified and given the opportunity to register. Depending on interest, we may offer this workshop again in the near future. Everyone on the waitlist will be given priority access to registration for the new event date accordingly.

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