Bell Let’s Talk Day

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December 2, 2016
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March 30, 2017


As a local mental health organization providing clinical counselling, consultation, training and support in mental health initiatives, we are so appreciative of the BELL LET’S TALK DAY, which is today, January 25, 2017.  In my role as Executive Director at the Burnaby Counselling Group, I am particularly passionate about this, as today also happens to be my son’s 12th birthday, and this son of mine lives with a serious mental illness.
The Burnaby Counselling Group acknowledges the incredible leadership of Bell in this initiative, aimed at ending stigma.  We also encourage all of our readers to do their part and talk and text today on your Bell networks, to help raise money for mental health initiatives.
Let’s also remember that it is important to talk openly about mental health.  We encourage you to do the following:
  1. Watch the special BELL LET’S TALK show tonight at 7pm that features Howie Mandell talking about his journey with mental illness.
  2. Start a conversation over dinner time tonight about mental illness, the prevalence and how you and your family are impacted by mental health challenges.
  3. If you want to increase your own mental health literacy and your ability to help and support others in a mental health crisis, sign up for our Mental Health First Aid class coming up on February 16 and 17, 2017 in Burnaby, BC.