Burnaby Counselling Group is a not-for-profit organization incorporated as a charity under the Society Act of B.C. (#118821552RR0001). For over 35 years we have been providing financially accessible professional therapy to individuals, children, couples, and families who require subsidy to deal with emotional, relational, and mental health issues in their lives. As a grassroot non-profit counselling clinic, we aim to provide a safe, confidential place for individuals who are seeking emotional refuge and restoration.


Young psychologist and pastor Paddy Ducklow founded Burnaby Counselling Group in 1979 initially as an inter-church ministry.

Burnaby Counselling Group has maintained the vision of assisting communities by offering non-government funded services.  For over 35 years, generous donors and organizations like you helped us offer more specialized services to individuals and families who are in need. 

Gift of Hope: One-Time Gift

Like a seed buried in soil, individuals may sometimes feel trapped in the dark. Your one-time gift can help provide a non-judgemental space for individuals to be heard. A professional therapist can help one realize their potential to push through and see the light.

Gift of Resilience: A 4-Month Commitment

A newly sprouted seed needs a safe, caring environment to flourish and strengthen its stem. With a 4-month commitment, your gift can help individuals and families recover from difficult situations and burn out. A professional therapist can provide loving support to help individuals and families develop strengths as they grow. 

Gift of Care: A 6-month commitment

Though some of our clients may have overcome multiple barriers, individuals and families may need longer-term support from therapists and members of the communities. For a 6-month commitment, you can help shower our clients with care and help restore lives. 

Gift of Continual Nourishment: Annual Gift

Burnaby Counselling Group relies fully upon the support of generous donors and organizations like you. As of 2014, we have offered more than 50,000 subsidized client hours.

As an annual donor, your gift can ensure our continual viability as an organization as we aim to assist more clients in the future.

Together, we can help build & rebuild lives!